Necessary Food Truck Equment

First of all, it will be advisable to familiarize yourself with the administrative procedures and the laws which frame your future snacking activity. Fast food being a growing trend, it will be essential to know the offer of your competitors. Also, take an interest in the consumption habits and expectations of fast-food consumers. You will be able to choose your concept and decide on the culinary specialty (s) that you will offer to your future customers.

The choice of a Snacking concept or specialty

The concept that you will favor will determine the investment to be planned within the framework of your installation, and in particular, the costs linked to the acquisition of your professional kitchen equipment. You will need a business plan to assess the expenses and revenues you plan to make. You are free to choose a fixed fast restaurant, which induces the operation of a room; or a Food-truck that allows you to move where you want. In all cases, you will have to think about the layout of your kitchen space, and therefore to select reliable and quality professional equipment.


Products and raw materials: The choice of quality

For many of us, it is common to associate with the concept of fast food the concept of “industrial food” or “prices pulled down”. Today’s trend is more oriented towards quality products, healthier and whose production methods are more respectful of the environment. Of course, you are free to choose the approach that suits you, but if the choice of quality is a commercial advantage for your snack, it is also a real competitive advantage! Here are our tips on the subject:

To supply you with raw materials, you have several options: wholesalers, local producers who sell their products in short circuits, local players (retailers, local markets, etc.). Before making your choice, it will be necessary to properly assess your needs and be attentive to the advantages and disadvantages of each player (quality, quantity, deadlines and payment constraints). By using several suppliers, you will be able to compare the offers of each. Likewise, depending on your concept and the products worked, it will probably be necessary to contact certain suppliers specialized in a particular field.

Zoom on the Food-truck: How to arrange your kitchen?

The layout of a Food-truck largely depends on the concept you have chosen to develop. The choice of your professional kitchen equipment will, therefore, have to be adapted according to your culinary specialty. Whatever your selection, certain selection criteria common to any catering activity remain essential: the quality, reliability, and performance of professional equipment. To guide you, we offer a non-exhaustive list of essential appliances to acquire as part of a fast-food itinerant activity, as well as a list of professional kitchen equipment adapted to each specialty:

The essential Food-Truck equipment

There are two types of installation available to you: You can choose to power your traditional truck via an electrical installation, using a generator. Its power should be twice that of all your electrical devices. You can also opt for a gas installation, which is acclaimed by the majority of catering professionals.

Worktops, tables, and trolleys: Also known as a refrigerated tower or refrigerated table, this equipment is essential in the context of a fast-food activity. They are generally equipped with refrigerated compartments or gastronorm containers and are available in several versions. This will allow you to optimize the furnishings of your space according to the storage volume you will need.

Cold” equipment: Very often they are an integral part of the work plan. However, you can opt for a cutting table associated with refrigerated cells, this combination will offer the same functions. Among the large family of affordable commercial refrigeration appliances, you can also obtain:

* A drink cabinet and/or a wine cellar
* An ice maker
* A display case (presentation, refrigerated, dessert, ice cream …) (Source
* A freezer (cabinet or chest)

Ventilation hood: You will have the choice between a static hood without motor, and a motorized hood, also called dynamic hood or hood complete with an integrated motor.

Wall shelves and storage: Several models exist, from standard to stainless steel, it is above all a question of taste and budget.

Cooking equipment: In terms of professional cooking equipment, the list goes on! Here are the essentials that Négoce CHR recommends:

* Snack cooking line
* Bain-marie * Bain-marie
* Microwave oven
*  Professional oven
* Snack stove *
* Hotplate
* Snack electric pasta cooker * Small appliances
*  Professional fryer
* Crepe maker and / or waffle iron

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